What might happen.

All important information will be posted here.
As some of you have figured out, we're pushing a site update fairly soon that includes a... 2008 client.

Due to the large amount of people who can't wait for us to reopen our borders, here's whats probably going to happen when they do.

1 - Moderation is going to get WAAAAAY more strict. We don't want RBLXDev to turn into the same cesspool that ROBLOX did, so we're going to be treating rules above all else. Ordnung muss sein.

2 - New people = new activity. Get ready for more events, more servers, more games, and more forum posts.

3 - ROBLOX might stop casting their blind eye toward us should we get too big and noisy, so we'll have to work together to not be idiots and end up getting sued over some numbskull who didn't know what they were talking about.

12/14/2015 EDIT: We should be opening registration before christmas, at least. The moment registration opens, moderation goes up to eleven. So make your shitposts while you still can, and if you can't handle a widdle fascism then please let the door hit you on the way out.