Server Thumbnails

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I've been doing some thinking recently and I was thinking about if we added thumbnails to servers. Of course due to many misleading games on ROBLOX, users shouldn't be able to upload thumbnails directly from their computer but instead when a server is made and the user executes the command to add authentication, then the script executed will take the camera position in the server window and make an image file of it, then upload the preview to the page where users can see it if they click on a game in the games page. This can be changed every 10 minutes if there are any map changes so users will see the latest map preview like in personal servers on ROBLOX. If the server is offline however then there will be a blank thumbnail and it would be a good way to let people know a server isn't online. The image file will also be removed when the server entry from the games page is removed. Tell me if you think this idea is good or bad in the replies.
I read this thread and literally all ray could say was no in german. fucking amazing detail for your suggestion reply