Character glitch?

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Well, i've recently changed my character to a guy with a black torso, black right arm, black left leg, and red right leg, etc, and a blue baseball cap, and when i enter a game, The character doesn't work? Is this a glitch?
It's because if you have already joined the game, you got to wait for it to be rehosted. But if you hadn't joined that server today not once, it will show your new changes. Same thing goes for 2008. If you change your roblox body colors, then relink your character appearance, it will still be the older body color you used before you changed it unless you restart 2008.
Doesn't happen for 2008, never will, either.
2010 is fixable, just got to think of a better method.
Ah, well, It's fixed now.
wow i was a fucking IDIOT back then holy shit