So this thing happened in OT on roblox

There's this person, named TheBinaryWolf, who told his friends that he is a wolf in his head. His friends left him. Then he came to OT to complain about his life. It was typical furry stuff. But then it got serious, this guy started making fun of autism and how it doesn't compare to his life. WTF. So, OT does what OT does, starts spamming the SHIT put of the forums with "@TheBinaryWold". He said in this one post "You don't have it as bad as me". End of story, he got banned, and I got a warning. Lol.
Casiok wrote:guy
I hate furries, Period.
InTame wrote:I hate furries, Period.
And I will type in fiery red text, absolute RGB 255-0-0, #FF0000 red, to show how much I despise them. Tremble as my words positively drip with the hatred of Inigo Montoya.