Okay, let me clear this up. NO, RBLXDev is not private server software or something like that. It's merely a collection of things and assets from ROBLOX. It isn't even emulation!

Now. Toolbox stuff
I'm planning to introduce the toolbox upload system, but not through the client. Instead, I'll have a uploader on the site and what that'll do is let you upload saved models and maybe places. It'll also parse the XML document through the schema file (xsd file).

What this will NOT do
  • No, we will not be hosting servers. 0 donations = 0 servers from us.
  • No, we are not going to let you host normal files. Hence the xsd parse.
  • No, you cannot be a moderator!
Anything else
RBLXDev is not shut down. No changes except a toolbox-like thing. OH. And no images.