THE BASIC GRAMMAR GUIDE based on peppy's thing

This is for the people who attempt to grammar. (yes, that was intentional)
(that means this post is for the people who think they can use grammar very very well, but then fail to do so)
For those who don't actually give two sheep about grammar, carry on. Don't bother to read this.

1. "you're" and "your"

you're = you are
Ex.: You're an idiot.
your = shows that something belongs to a specific person
Ex.: Your test was absolutely terrible. You get a 0.

2. "their" and "there"

their = shows that something belongs to a group of people (or one person of unspecified gender)
Ex.: Their car broke down.
there = position related
Ex.: The penguin is there staring at me. I'm scared.

3. "where" and "were"

where = position related
Ex.: Where are you!?
were = time related; past tense version of "are"
Ex.: They were stranded in the middle of Africa.

4. "i" and "I"
I = relating to yourself
Ex.: I stole your pancakes, and you're not getting any! Mwhahahaha!
i = ...there isn't actually any use for "i" by itself
Ex.: N/A

5. "u" and "you"
u = Dutch for "you". don't use it in English..
Ex.: dank u voor de wafels.
you = relating to someone else in a 1st person context; relating to yourself in a 3rd person context
1st person: You're such a weirdo!
3rd person: "Have you seen the news?"

6. "dont" and "don't"
don't = do not
Ex.: I don't like you. Go away, you stalker!
"dont" isn't a word.

7. "RBLXDEV" and "RBLXDev"
"RBLXDev" is the correct spelling. It's like typing/writing "MCDONALDS" instead of "McDonald's".
Ex.: omg have u herd of RBLXDev?!1/one/1/1/1slash