List of punishments:

Level 1: temporary/permanent ban from forums, game, and any other thing.

Level 2: SuperSafeChat on all official servers. (indefinite)

Level 3: SuperSafeChat on all servers. (indefinite)

Level 4: IP ban from all official servers. (indefinite)

Level 5: IP ban from all servers. (indefinite)

Level 6: IP ban from site. (indefinite)

Level 7: (illegal offenses) A free call from the police.

Level 8: You'll know it when you see it.


The following offenses are punishable (level varies depending on amount of offenses and severity):
  • Immaturity. We want to keep RBLXDev's community clean. Repeated immaturity (that isn't sarcastic) will result in a punishment.
  • Exploiting with bad intentions/without permission. We understand it's fun to mess around with holes in the ROBLOX client, but doing so to get personal information/bother players is not very fun. You will be allowed to exploit should the server owner allow it, or if you are the server owner.
  • Harassment. We get it, some people don't like each other. But please don't egg on your arch-nemesis here, unless your dislike of them outweighs your fear of punishment.
  • Leaking personal information. Depending on the amount/type of information leaked, you will get anything from a level 5 to a level 8.
  • Constantly suggesting things against the WNTS. It's there for a reason, and if you ignore it you will get a level 1, guaranteed.
  • False Reporting. We have only 3 active mods. If you spam our inboxes with false reports, you get a free permanent level 1.
  • Making light of other people's misfortune. Don't belittle things like depression, genocide, racism, poverty, hunger, etc. If you want to make those jokes, read some polandball.
  • Spamming/Shitposting on the forums.
  • Griefing in game.
  • Sexism. Whether it's misandrism or misogyny, it's still prejudice.
  • Complaining about your ban. If you want to yell at a wall, send your appeals to [email protected], not the forums.
  • Impersonation/Pretending you are someone else. This is the internet, where identities are anonymous and anons run free. But, if you use a username that does not belong to you, your account will be removed.
  • Unoriginality. It's stupid.
  • Asking for RBLXDev to be shut down. Should be obvious.
  • Requesting access to beta tests. If you weren't selected initially, you won't be allowed in later on.
  • Posting about deprecated software. Mid 2008 and Early 2010 are DEPRECATED. We don't want users using O.O.D. RBLXDev versions. (We know it seems reeeeaaally ironic, but just work with us here.)
  • Hamachi. DON'T USE HAMACHI.
  • Lack of common sense. If this isn't obvious, you are already breaking this rule.
  • Anti-semitism: this was here before, but was removed. odd.