how did you do it? did you just do the hard work of removing all the objects that would make it not work in old roblox and replacing them? or do something easier I just tinkered with it and I did a few changes to make it work again like normal, the only thing that broke is the customers, I can fix ...
poorIago0 wrote:It's 20th june, it's EnergyCell's birthday ;3
Wow. it sure did come by fast, If you see this Energy, Happy birthday!
Status: NOT SURE IT WORKS ded This is my first release, Hopefully everyone will enjoy pizza place. I'm releasing this since I couldn't host servers myself, I have more old places I really wanted to play. Information Basically, Pizza Place is a game that involves teamwork and co-operation to run a p...
ToxicTerminator2 wrote:Go for it, man. It's your site.
Agreed, It's your site x2

We won't mind if you change it :mrgreen:
PantherXD wrote:Try both.
I did the both option, but sadly it didn't work.

I lold so hard at that.
UPDATE: The firewall settings didn't work for some reason.
Also I'm not sure if to set it as UCP or TCP.
Raymonf wrote:firewall
Yes! I shall check that now.
Day 2: Still no ways to make a server, I did every method. Nothing worked :(
Awesome, Will be able to create our own hats for the community?