He's too valuable, his designs will one day change the world as we know it.

Or it could be that we forgot to.
Thanks! I wonder what the future has on hold for RBLXDev.
Raymonf wrote:
TheAmessz wrote:
epicscotty wrote:Was it ever reopened?
You should check out for the new website, they're going to re-open registration.
don't give people false hope...
Sorry ray, i thought that this was a confirmed feature.
funzrey wrote: well i have the client but a old version of it (like old) :/
If it's 2008, it won't work, because RBLXDev runs a special version of 2010 and soon 2008, so you'll have to wait a bit, but when it gets there, it'll be fun.
RBLXDev or Banned from ROBLOX?
Support for Mac Version.
DylPickels wrote:
TheAmessz wrote:All aboard the hype train! *Choo Choo*
m8 wait for me too pls
You better get in now, or else the train could get faster, probably even faster if they add a countdown untill the update comes.