But you have to ask people who are in Skype to give you the client. We can not provide any client download due to ROCorp.
Who the hell still uses Vista? Support is being cut for it next year.
Just an image I made a while ago.
Dirt_Piper wrote:That obby is almost shorter than your dick.
Not to mention full of free models probably.
Is this a joke?
You are still allowed to use deprecated software, but just don't talk about it on the forums, post pictures of it, or ask support for it. Those will get you infracted/banned.
I just use mid 2013 to port Roblox levels from binary to XML. This is because the newer Roblox game clients use binary to write RBXL files when they are saved which is unrecognizable by older Roblox clients that only read and write in XML. Same thing goes for the Roblox toolbox in older clients (if ...
I know, it is stupid that they don't categorize xFinity routers. It took me months to figure out how to port forward properly on it and years to be able to get a working game server of any kind. I should make a tutorial for port forwarding on xFinity routers.
You're welcome.