It involves a hashing system.
Hello! It's rootx. I'm not very active in the community and just recently started working on RBLXDev again. I've been talking with Raymonf about the current problems with RBLXDev after a few headaches and 5 coffee cups. We finally came to a conclusion and figured out how we're going to do some thing...
Please don't make posts like this.

alex wrote:>enters a rollercoaster-building place
>turns a teleport tool into a rocket launcher
Hah, that one will be a biiit tough to fix. But go on, can't wait to see your magic!

Let's just say you won't be doing any client modifications ;)
I cannot disclose much of this information. However, I died from developing for a while. But I'm back now and I'm going to bring security patches and fixes to the client. There will always be exploits but maybe I can make it a bit harder for the exploiters.
I'm the security guy on the team. Major changes are coming.
Welcome to the forums! Check out the Tutorials/Release section.
Hello! I've been working on rblxdev behind the scenes and just now decided to get my forum account active. I'll be managing the website and blog. And some secret client stuff (even server).